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Hospital Bag Takeover |Part 1|

Hey Mama!

Hope you had an amazing weekend! If you haven’t had the opportunity yet, make sure to check out my first blog series – What About Mama? |Part 1-3| 

This week we are going to have the ultimate hospital bag takeover!

After I had the twins, many of my pregnant Mama-friends constantly asked me, “What do I need bring to the hospital for delivery? And when do I pack this bag?

My answer is usually – It depends! The reason it depends is because every hospital has different amenities and provide different services. But I will chat about the basics you need to make you bring, describe what I was offered during my stay at the hospital, and what not to bring with you! Lastly we will chat about what do you need to bring for baby and Daddy! 

There is so much that goes on in my our world while being pregnant, that packing a bag is the last thing on your mind! You’re more focused on setting up the nursery, researching car seats, baby clothes, trying to learn tips about breast feeding, and everything else that is involved with having a baby! 

But it is important that you are ready ahead of time for your stay at the hospital, because if you’re a Mama that has to rush to the hospital – you will NOT have time to pack! You need to stayed focused, relaxed and have that baby! 

On Wednesday, we will chat about what should be within your hospital – for you, baby, and Daddy! Did you should know that you should pack two types of bags? I’ll explain that too! I will provide you some suggestions of products (with a link), when should you start packing your bags, and where should you keep these bags. 

On Friday, you will receive the “Do NOT Bring” list! These are items that the hospital will provide you, or it’s simply not necessary to have it. Ever been that girl that incredibly overpacks? This will definitely be for you! 

So chat with you on Wednesday!

Until then…

Have an amazing day, Mama!