What About Mama? |Part 1|

Hey Mama!

You’re pregnant for several months now, and everyone is continuously asking you -“What does your baby need? Do you have everything for the nursery, enough diapers, clothes, or toys?” You know you can never have “enough” of anything for your baby, yet sometimes you stumble to answer those questions. And because people are always asking, you find yourself constantly on a shopping spree for you beautiful baby!

Then you think in the back of your mind – Why doesn’t anyone ask what do I need? But in reality, you might not KNOW what you are in need of! Especially if this is your first pregnancy! All of your research has been about your pregnancy, the baby, and motherhood!  Researching about the specifics about what Mommy needs was definitely the last thing on your mind!

Being a mother of twins, I definitely have experienced the “it’s about everyone else, and I’ll get back to me later” syndrome! Before I was six months pregnant, I had completed so much research on what to do or expect for my children, even how to make sure Daddy still feels included, that it never crossed my mind that I need to “take care” of myself too!

I always got the conversations about making sure I’m resting because I will never be able to when the babies arrive, or enjoy this “freedom” now because children change everything! Never did I ever think that those comments were true, and was always wrapped up in making sure my babies have the best of the best -best cribs, best stroller, best quality clothes, best bottles, best bathing products, best formula, best EVERYHTING! Where do I even begin the conversation about what I need?

I am here to share a couple things that every Mama needs, especially right after having your precious baby! I will suggest some products, and even activities that you should do to begin your motherhood! Most importantly, how do you start feeling like YOU again? 

On Wednesday, I will give you my top five products that every mother needs during postpartum recovery. I will range from nursing products to items to take care of your body. 

On Friday, I will chat about a few activities every mother should do to feel like yourself again! Trust me, I know it’s hard taking minutes out of your day to focus on yourself! But you will be so thankful that you did once it’s all said and done. And your hubby and baby will be excited for you too because they will have a well relaxed and confident Mama!

So chat with you on Wednesday!

Until then…

Have an amazing day, Mama!


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